Setting up your business overseas

We are in the process of drafting a couple articles on setting up your business in a foreign market.  Specifically, these articles will address the process of setting up your business, as well as why the process is the way it is.  The two markets that will be addressed initially are the US and China.  This topic came up as an internal discussion on business certificates and why there was a difference between the US and China (I was explaining to one of our Chinese employees about a sole proprietorship and working as a dba, meaning doing business as, in which they may have no real registration of any sort other than their social security number compare this to China where a business has nothing without their business license and company chop).  We began the discussion of why the two countries have such a different process and our initial belief was that it boiled down to trust in many cases.  It led to a very interesting discussion on the topic that I asked our employee, Jing, to really drill into.  If you would like to receive a copy of the article when it is completed you can sign up here: