Dongguan and San Jose

After tragedy struck in Tianjin yesterday we took a day off from our lists and education to focus on those who needed our thoughts.  Today we return to our education and take a look at Dongguan and San Jose.  These two cities are linked together for their technology.  Dongguan known for manufacturing computers and computer parts, in fact they are the largest manufacturer of these in the world.  San Jose is better known for the innovation of everything that goes along with these manufacturing operations.  So in fact, we have tied them together because of their ability to work together, not in competition.


  • Population - 8.2 million 
  • Location - East of the Pearl River Delta between Guangzhou and Shenzhen
  • Fun Fact - Home to the worlds largest shopping mall, which is largely empty.

San Jose

  • Population - 1 million
  • Location - Located in Northern California in the Santa Clara Valley.
  • Fun Fact - Roughly 35% of venture capital funds that are invested into American companies end up in San Jose.