Hong Kong and Charlotte

For obvious reasons Hong Kong is a very hard comparison, known by some as a city in China and a stand alone country to others.  Hong Kong is the economic capital of Asia and one of the major players in financial markets around the world.  While many might find the comparison to Charlotte strange, we find the growing prowess of Charlotte's financial sector and their sitting outside of the major consumer markets of their respective countries (for the US New York, DC, Los Angeles and for China Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen).


Hong Kong

  • Population - 7.2 million
  • Location - A small island on the southern coast of China
  • Fun Fact - Hong Kong is being promoted as the site for Chinese RMB internationalisation.


  • Population - 800,000
  • Location - On the East Coast, Charlotte is located in the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • Fun Fact - Charlotte is the 2nd largest city in the Southeast and the 3rd fastest growing city in the US.