Education Month at FDI Strategies

Over the course of August we will be putting together a comparison of US and Chinese cities.  Each business day during the month you can check out our website to find information on cities.  What's the real benefit to this you might wonder?  Often times, I get the question of where is the right city for me to set up my business in China or the US.  A very simple and very relevant question to ask as you are setting up your business.  Usually the easiest way to think this through is to think about what city in the country you are from is the right one for you, or if you were setting up your business tomorrow what city would you choose.  What our comparison's will do is allow you to see a similar city in the opposite country to consider for your own growth.  Hopefully two things come out of this for our readers, first I believe it will be useful to those interested in expansion, second hopefully it's entertaining.  

Some general information, we are basing the comparisons off of the top 20 largest cities in China.  Up first will be Shanghai.  Check in tomorrow for the city comparison and some information on both cities and why they are compared.