Chengdu and Houston

Up next on our list at #11 are Chengdu and Houston.  These two cities share numerous things in common, but perhaps the first thing that everyone notices is the size of their airports.  In addition, both of these cities are known for their innovation, especially in the energy sectors.  These two cities share an international intrigue, despite not being as well known as some of the other respective cities on our list.  Quick, name an animal from China.  Good chance it was the Giant Panda, who makes their home in Chengdu.  



  • Population - 6.3 million
  • Location -  In the west of the Sichuan basin and in the center of the Chengdu Plain.
  • Fun Fact - Chengdu is known as the home to the Giant Pandas.


  • Population - 2.2 million
  • Location - In the gulf coastal plain in the Southeast part of the state of Texas.
  • Fun Fact - More than 90 languages are spoken in Houston.