Foshan and Phoenix

These two industrial hubs represent their countries well when it comes to production.  Foshan is home to many of the largest home appliance giants in China including Midea, Macro, Kelon and Glanz.  Phoenix has seen a nice rebirth during the last 20 years.  At one point thought to be a retirement community in the US where people moved to live out their lives in a nice warm, dry climate changes have been made and they have since seen a growth in many industries.  These cities are also well known for their proximity to other major cities in their respective countries with Foshan being close to Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Shenzhen while Phoenix is a quick flight away from Los Angeles.



  • Population - 6.7 million 
  • Location - Northern part of the Pearl River, it is a vital part of the economic zone made up of Guangzhou to the East and Hong Kong and Macau to the South.
  • Fun Fact - Foshan was home to Ip Man the Wing Chun Martial Art Master, who is perhaps best known for being the Sifu (or Mentor/Tutor) of Bruce Lee.


  • Population - 1.5 million
  • Location - In the Southwest United States, Phoenix is located in central Arizona on the northern reaches of the Sonoran Desert.
  • Fun Fact - Phoenix garners more sunshine than any other city in the United States, receiving sunshine more than 85% of its daylight hours.