Nanjing and Boston

These two cities share a few things in common, not the least of which is that we at FDI Strategies have an employee from each of these cities.  Both of these cities share numerous items in common including their proximity to the largest cities in each country (Nanjing to Shanghai and Boston to New York).  In Nanjing you are sure to find prolific waterways giving it the ability to become a major hub of commerce, likewise, Boston has its proximity to water.  One noticeable difference between the cities, Boston is well known for the high quality of education in and around the city with schools like Harvard, MIT, Boston College and the list goes on.  



  • Population - 6.2 million
  • Location - Situated on the lower area of the Yangtze River, the central city of the lower Yangtze Basin.
  • Fun Fact - Has been the capital city of China 4 different times in the last 2000 years.


  • Population - 655,000
  • Location - Situated in the Northeast part of the United States on the Massachusetts Bay (Atlantic Ocean).
  • Fun Fact - Boston is home to the first public park, public beach and subway in the US.