Shenyang and Seattle

Moving right along we find a comparison between Shenyang and Seattle, both port cities perhaps best known for their maritime commerce.  Other strong similarities include the nearby mountain ranges, the reliance and dominance in innovation and the dominant high tech industries.  Both of these cities lie in the northern parts of their countries with Shenyang in the Northeast and Seattle in the rainy Northwest.



  • Population - 5.7 million
  • Location - Northeast China on the Liaoning Peninsula near the Changbai Mountains and  the Bohai Sea.
  • Fun Fact - In a country that is rapidly building out their infrastructure and notably many airports, Shenyang is already home to 8 airports many of which focus primarily on distribution of commercial goods.


  • Population - 668,000
  • Location - Northwest United States located between the Puget Sound and Lake Washington, just south of Canada.
  • Fun Fact -   Seattle is ranked the most literate city, in the United States with the highest percentage of residents with a college degree or higher.