Xi'an and San Antonio

Xi'an and San Antonio are tied together for their armies.  Xi'an is best known for the Terracotta Army and San Antonio is often times best known for defending the Alamo.  These two cities have more in common than their armies though, these two cities are prominent tourist destinations in their countries and also play a large role in certain aspects of their country's technology sectors.  Both these cities also play predominant roles in national security and defense today.



  • Population - 5.4 million
  • Location - Located in the central region of China, lying in the middle of the Yellow River Basin.
  • Fun Fact - Xi'an City is the start of the Silk Road. 

San Antonio

  • Population - 1.4 million 
  • Location - Located in the southern part of Texas on the San Antonio river.
  • Fun Fact - San Antonio draws in 30 million visitors per year.