Dalian and Indianapolis

Dalian is known for several things, including Financial Services, Shipping and Logistics.  Drive through Indianapolis on Interstate 70 and you'll see a large Fed Ex presence for shipping and logistics.  One difference between these cities, Dalian is known as a famous seaside tourism city and a summer resort.  Likewise, Indianapolis is known for their sports dominance.  Indianapolis, besides being a high school basketball mecca also hosts many Championships for a variety of sports leagues.


  • Population - 3.9 million
  • Location - Lies in the Southernmost portion of the Liaotung Peninsula.
  • Fun Fact - The Dalian Wanda Group was founded in Dalian.  Dalian Wanda Group is owned by the wealthiest person in China, Wang Jianlin who in 2014 was the 26th wealthiest person in the world.


  • Population - 848,000
  • Location - Located in the center of the state of Indiana.
  • Fun Fact - More than $5 billion has been invested in downtown Indianapolis since 1990, equivalent to $250,000 per resident of Indianapolis.