Harbin and Detroit

On the surface it may be hard to see the connection between these two cities, Harbin known for its mineral resources and Detroit known for its automobiles.  However, it is exactly these two things that have connected these cities.  During their years of prosperity both of these cities saw a rush during the 20's, in which Harbin was the Fashion Capital of China and Detroit was known for putting out famous automobiles like the Model T.  In recent years, both have struggled some and seem to be finding a new identity.  In addition, both cities are well known for having bitterly cold winters.


  • Population - 5.2 million
  • Location - Located in the most Northeast part of China. 
  • Fun Fact - Harbin is home to the largest Ice Sculpture festival in the world.


  • Population - 680,000
  • Location - Located in the Southeast part of Michigan on the Detroit River which connects Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair
  • Fun Fact - Detroit is home to the only floating post office in the US.