Qingdao and San Diego

You need a major seaport, a naval presence or an industrial hub.  Sure thing, go to Qingdao in China and go to San Diego in the US.  These two share a number of similarities.  You want some other similarities, look at the Marine research going on.  In addition, while San Diego is already a tourism hub in the US, Qingdao is in the process of developing a large tourism community.  One major difference is the huge bio-tech presence in San Diego (currently the 2nd largest in the US).


  • Population - 4 million
  • Location - Sitting in the Shandong Peninsula, looking out at the Yellow Sea. 
  • Fun Fact - Qingdao is perhaps best known to Westerners by its large brewery, Tsingtao Brewery.

San Diego

  • Population - 1.4 million
  • Location - In Southern California adjacent to the Mexico border.
  • Fun Fact - The San Diego Zoo played home to the first Giant Panda birth in the Western Hemisphere since 1990.