Suzhou and Jacksonville

Suzhou and Jacksonville are already sister cities, so they have decided there is a link between themselves.  Both of these cities have a strong reliance on tourism, which makes them the perfect fit for each other.  Both cities are well known for their financial services, which undoubtedly is in relation to the wealth in each of these locations.


  • Population - 4 million
  • Location - Roughly 60 miles Northwest of Shanghai.
  • Fun Fact - Suzhou is well known for its gardens, which date back as far as 770 BC.


  • Population - 853,000 
  • Location - Positioned along the Atlantic Ocean in Northeast Florida.
  • Fun Fact - Jacksonville is the city where "the blues" began.  Today this tradition continues with the annual Springing the Blues festival in Jacksonville Beach, one of the oldest and largest Blues Festivals in the US.