Guangzhou and Los Angeles

In day 4 of our city comparisons, we find that FDI is not the only one to feel that Guangzhou and Los Angeles have something in common.  These two cities signed a Twin Towns/Sister Cities agreement in 1981 and united themselves ever since.  Similar in many ways, these two southern coastal cities both have a long storied past in their respective countries.  Los Angeles perhaps best known as the Entertainment Capital of the US and Guangzhou for the Canton Fair, held twice a year, an import-export fair that has gone on for over 50 years.  It is this import-export reliance in both cities that make them such a good match.


  • Population - 10.6 million
  • Location - North of the Pearl River Delta, it lies close to the South China Sea, Hong Kong and Macau.
  • Fun Fact - What could be more important in uniting people than food.  Guangzhou is the home of Cantonese Cuisine and a great place to unite over a meal.

Los Angeles

  • Population - 3.9 million
  • Location - Southern California on the Pacific Ocean.
  • Fun Fact - In 1892 Oil was discovered in downtown LA, right near what is now the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball stadium and by 1923 Los Angeles was producing nearly 25% of the world's oil.  It is still the 3rd largest oil field in the world today.