Shenzhen and San Francisco

To close out our first week of comparisons we have what is probably the 3rd and final very simple comparison to make between the two countries.  Shenzhen and San Francisco, both located on their respective coasts, are the ultimate hubs for IT innovation in their countries.  San Francisco (and its surrounding area known as Silicon Valley) are home to major names such as Google, Facebook and Twitter while Shenzhen is home to household names such as Huawei and Tencent.  These cities are at the forefront of innovation and if you're looking to find out what will happen next in the IT world, these two cities are great places to start.


  • Population - 10.3 million
  • Location - Southeast China next to Hong Kong
  • Fun Fact - In China, beyond the IT hub, Shenzhen is also known for their theme parks, with 4 major theme parks located in Shenzhen.  

San Francisco

  • Population - 850,000
  • Location - Located in Northern California on the Pacific Ocean
  • Fun Fact - The "Chinese Fortune Cookie" was invented by a Japanese resident of San Francisco.