Book Release Date

After some work through on covers and some back and forth we have a new release date of 10/27 and a book cover attached below.  Below are the insights from initial reviewers as well.   Stay tuned for more information on how and where to purchase.


“Eric Moraczewski has written a guide that will be invaluable to any westerner hoping to succeed in doing business in Southeast Asia. Eric’s insights, based on years of direct experience, are practical and astute. The book will surely save countless missteps and smooth what can otherwise be a bumpy road in a very foreign place.”

-Bill Miller, Managing Partner, PV Ventures

“Eric’s insights on doing business in Southeast Asia have been honed by several years of experience doing just that…proficiently. His insider understanding of the ins and outs in these markets can’t be replicated. If you are serious about transacting in Southeastern Asia, purchase this book as a gateway to your growth. I promise Eric Moraczewski won’t disappoint.”

-Patrick Brandt, President, Cobalt Environmental Solutions

“I’ve been fortunate to have traveled to several countries in Asia, and while I have learned some things while over there, Eric’s book highlighted many additional facets of working in Asia that I had not discovered. Having read this book, I’ll be better able to navigate my way through Asia when I return.”

-John Horn, Senior Lecturer, Washington University in St. Louis

“Eric Moraczewki’s book is chock full of wisdom on how to do business in Asia. He mixes useful tips with deep insights, all delivered with a very readable style.”

-Nicholas Argyres, Vernon W. and Marion K. Piper Professor of Strategy

“In knowing Eric for well over a decade, I can truly say that his experience in this field is without question. As an aspiring business owner myself, his insights and support have proved valuable and have certainly played a role in my company’s maturity. Perhaps the single best way I can now laud his efforts: I found myself consistently nodding in agreement, page after page!”

-Dan Schulman, Founder and CTO of Mission: Cyber, LLC