Succeeding at Business in Southeast Asia

Today, Asia makes up roughly 60 percent of the world economy based upon population. The time has never been better to do business in Southeast Asia. In his debut book, Succeeding at Business in Southeast Asia: Common Mistakes Companies Make and How to Avoid Them, Eric Moraczewski, Founder of FDI Strategies, aims to turn readers into informed strategists who are less likely to go down the wrong path while growing businesses overseas.

Through incisive cross-cultural insights, compelling anecdotes, and seasoned advice as a business strategist in China, Moraczewski provides a framework for building and executing a market entry strategy into Southeast Asia—thanks to a no-nonsense approach that is applicable to the rest of the world.

Each chapter is filled with practical tips and takeaways on spotting common pitfalls in entering foreign markets. Written with humanity and conversational clarity, Moraczewski’s book delves into critical topics such as relationship-building, power structures, and the role culture plays in economic value and ethical standards. He inspires would-be investors by tapping into universal human behaviors and shows how they can be leveraged to make the right business connections abroad.

Additional highlighted topics include:

  • Joint ventures
  • Franchising strategy
  • Small businesses breaking into Asia
  • Lessons to bring back from foreign markets

Whether you are considering, starting, or running a business in Southeast Asia or beyond, this book will help you make the informed decision you need to launch your next venture. Gambe!

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